Swimming is a great workout, great for your wellbeing, de-stressing and lowers your risk of disease. Why would you want to be doing cleaning chores when you could be getting the benefits of swimming in the pool. A professional pool cleaner can help you have more time in the pool.

Maintaining a pool yourself can be a tedious chore and may even cost you dearly if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Read on to learn why hiring a professional pool cleaner can save you in more ways than one.

What is a Professional Pool Cleaner?

A professional pool cleaner is a trained technician. The technical knowledge needed to clean and maintain a pool is so much more than sweeping the sides and collecting leaves. They know how to clean a pool and keep it in the best condition for your swimming enjoyment.

A professional pool cleaner has the right tools for the job and access to the right suppliers. They have expertise in a range of pool equipment and carry everything they need so you don’t need to store these things yourself.

A full-service pool cleaning contractor will carry out essential maintenance tasks as well as look out for problems that need nipping in the bud. This proactive approach to pool maintenance means you save on major work by dealing with problems effectively and early.

Essential Cleaning and Maintenance

You can usually get a customized pool cleaning package from your professional pool cleaner. What’s included will depend on the needs of your pool and your budget.

Regular Cleaning

Usually, a weekly cleaning schedule will cover cleaning the tiles on the poolside and inside the pool. They will skim the pool surface, vacuum debris from the water and empty baskets. Water filters and cleaners will be emptied too.

Testing the water can also be included. If the results show that an adjustment of the pool chemicals is needed, this will be done. A professional pool cleaner also knows the importance of maintaining the non-visible parts of the pool, such as equipment stores, in good order.

Preventative Maintenance

No matter how good your pool equipment is, it must be maintained in order to have a long effective life. Regular maintenance prevents bigger problems occurring in the future. Pumps and motors require trained technicians to carry out regular checks and maintenance.

A professional pool cleaner will notice if there is something wrong with the equipment. This can either be as a result of a visual check or by monitoring the chemical balance of the water. Even an unusual sound coming from a pump can be a signal to a professional pool cleaner that there is a potential problem.

Spotting a leak early can prevent higher water bills and even major repair costs. Pool heaters also need to be checked and maintained.

Chlorination systems must be maintained in order to keep the water safe to swim in. A failure in the salt system can mean low chlorine levels and dangerous levels of bacteria risking swimmers health.

Preventing Green Pool Syndrome

A major problem for pool owners is when the pool water turns an uninviting green. This is caused by a bloom of algae. Not only is this green pool syndrome unpleasant but it is also dangerous for swimmers.

The problem is often the result of poor pool cleaning and maintenance standards. Even small changes in the chlorination of the water can produce a growth of algae.

Getting rid of algae is not easy and might even involve draining and refilling the pool. This puts the pool out of action, is costly and inconvenient.

A professional pool cleaner will be experienced in the techniques for maintaining the water condition and tackling green algae problems if they occur. If the pool does need draining they will be able to clean the pool effectively to reduce the chance of a reoccurrence of the problem.

How Does a Professional Save You Time and Money?

Your pool is an asset you have to maintain if you want to retain its value to you and your family. While it is in good working order, it can be fun and useful. If it is not maintained properly it can be very costly.

Repair bills, as a result of poorly maintained equipment, can be high not to mention the cost of treating illness caused by unhealthy pool water. A dirty, unhealthy pool is not only a wasted asset. It also makes your property look uncared for and lowers it’s appeal if you want to sell.

In the event of bad weather including storms, getting your pool back into action can be a challenge on your own. Rather than waste your time, turn to the professionals to get your pool back to normal quickly. They have the experience and resources to do this.

If you treasure the time you have to enjoy your pool with your family and friends, you don’t want to spend the time you have, doing routine maintenance chores. This is especially the case if you know that a trained technician will do them more effectively and efficiently.

Go Swimming Not Cleaning

A poolside party, a gentle swim or a vigorous workout are all benefits of having a pool. Keep it in the best of conditions so you and your friends and family can have many happy hours of enjoyment.

Don’t waste your time and effort on doing it yourself. Don’t risk missing an important maintenance issue or potential breakdown. Invest in reliable professional pool cleaning and maintenance.

To talk to the professionals about pool cleaning and maintenance, click here.

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