How to Do Pool Maintenance with Pool Cleaners

Pool maintenance sounds difficult, but it’s easy with pool cleaners. Learn more here.

The Travel Channel lists the Wet Deck at W Miami hotel as one of the world’s coolest pools. The pool cleaners get a fabulous view of the city from the hotel roof. Guests get to enjoy hot DJs while taking a cooling swim.

Having a swimming pool is fabulous because it’s like having a resort at home. It’s great for family time or party time. You can use it to relax or have a healthy workout.

All these great things and more are the reasons why you have a pool but there is a downside. Your pool needs to be maintained if you want to continue to get pleasure from it.

So how do you maintain a pool and still make it a pleasure rather than a burden?

Read on to learn how to do pool maintenance, with pool cleaners.

Who or What Are Pool Cleaners?

Pool cleaners are technicians specifically trained to clean and maintain a swimming pool in tip-top condition. A good pool cleaning service will cover the full range of cleaning and maintenance that your pool requires. This is not a guy with a net picking leaves off the surface of your pool.

The full range of services needed to keep a pool in good working order requires specialized knowledge, skills, and experience. They also require the right equipment and tools.

Why Maintain Your Pool?

Your pool is a fabulous amenity for your home and a substantial investment. Keeping it in good working order means you can maximize your usage of the pool. Failure to keep it maintained can mean that it is out of action due to break down.

A badly maintained pool is a potential hazard to health and safety. If you or your family and friends are using the pool you will want to ensure that it is safe and hygienic for them to use.

This substantial investment enhances the value of your home. A badly maintained pool can bring the appearance and value of your property down as well as becoming an eyesore.

What Will a Good Pool Cleaner Do?

Pool cleaners offer a range of options. You can usually customize your service depending on your pool size, usage, and needs. Typically, a pool cleaning service includes the following services.

Weekly Cleaning

A weekly pool cleaning service will include vacuuming the pool, clearing the water surface with a net, cleaning tiles and emptying baskets. Water will be tested and chemicals will be re-balanced.

The filters and cleaners will be emptied and cleaned and pool walls are brushed. All equipment areas will be cleaned and kept free from clutter and waste.

Maintenance and Repairs

Maintenance of pool equipment includes servicing and repair of pumps and motors. These systems do sometimes break down. They are vital for the health of your water.

You may notice that the pump or motor is in need of attention if it makes a louder than normal noise. Your pool cleaner may identify a problem during a weekly check. A quick and effective repair should remedy the problem.

Leaks can be very costly in water bills and also in repair costs. Early identification is key. A good pool cleaner will identify the problem early and take preventive action.

Pool heaters like other pool equipment need to be maintained. If they break down they need repairing to keep your pool operating.

Salt systems are part of the process that maintains safe water for swimming. The chlorination of water reduces potential infections and health hazards in the water. If the salt system fails, chlorine levels are not maintained at safe levels and so this requires attention.

Green Pool Problems

A classic pool problem is when your pool water turns an uninviting green. This is caused by algae growing in under chlorinated water. It can happen rapidly and with even subtle changes of chlorine.

Good pool cleaners know how to treat this problem effectively and get your pool back into use quickly. If the algae have grown to an advanced level, your pool may need to be drained and cleaned by an expert pool cleaner.

How Can You Help Your Pool Cleaner?

You can help your pool cleaner and reduce the likelihood of major repairs and maintenance by doing some regular basic tasks.

Run the pump for a sufficient time each day so your water is properly filtered. Learn to check your water circulation and filters. Doing this between visits by your pool cleaner can reduce any problems developing.

During the periods of more intensive use keep debris in the pool to a minimum. Remove leaves and other foreign bodies from the water. A mechanical cleaner can be a useful aid.

If you have a mechanical cleaner or skimmer, keep these cleaned regularly to maintain their efficiency.

Robot Cleaners

Robot cleaners can clean a standard pool in a few hours. They can clean the pool floor, wall, and waterline too. Some even handle cleaning steps.

There are also robotic pool skimmers that clean the surface of the water. When powered by solar panels they can do this without the need for a power supply.

While not being a substitute for professional pool cleaners they can provide a useful complementary service.

The Joy of Pool Ownership

The world’s deepest swimming pool is in Italy and is called The Deep Joy. It’s 40 meters deep. It’s used for free diving.

The real deep joy of owning a pool is using it. For most people, anytime they have to spend with their pool should be spent swimming, soaking and relaxing. Doing pool cleaning and maintenance chores are not relaxing.

Having a pool in good working order is great. Having an out of order or unsafe pool is very frustrating. This is doubly annoying if the weather is warm and your neighbors are enjoying their pool.

Having a professional pool cleaners support to maintain your pool and keep it in good working order is a great investment.

To keep your pool in great working order and to learn more about pool cleaners click here.

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