Are you on the fence between DIY pool maintenance and hiring a pool cleaning service?

If you’re among the million-plus pool owners in Florida, that’s a question that’s asked a lot. Yes, there is a financial investment to have weekly pool service. When you weigh the cost against the benefits, a weekly pool cleaning service can make a lot of sense.

Read on to learn ten reasons why you should invest in weekly pool service.

1. Save Time

Perhaps the biggest reason to hire a weekly pool cleaning service is to save time.

You might think that all a cleaning service will do is net the top of the pool and vacuum, which would take a little bit of time and you could do yourself.

The thing is, pool cleaning service does a lot more than that. The pool tile gets cleaned, pool walls brushed, chemicals in the pool are balanced and much more.

That would take a considerable amount of time each month. Would you be able to fit that into your already busy schedule and be able to enjoy the pool?

2. Regularly Inspected

The great thing about having a weekly pool service is that you can have someone spot potential issues. This allows you to prevent major issues and handle minor issues with ease.

Would you be able to know when your water pump may need to be replaced? Having someone come by to clean your pool regularly give you the opportunity to ask questions.

Maybe there was a funny noise that needs to be checked out, or something just doesn’t seem quite right.

You’ll be able to point these issues out and have them taken care of right away.

3. Water is Properly Balanced

Were you good at chemistry in high school?

You might need to revisit those class notes to maintain your pool properly. You’ll need to know the recommended range of chlorine, bromine, pH levels, calcium, total dissolved solids, and alkalinity.

Not only that, but you’ll need to know what chemicals you need to use to get your pool in those recommended ranges.

That’s why you’d want to hire a weekly pool service.

4. Peace of Mind

You have a pool for one reason: to enjoy it.

There’s a side of pool ownership that can be very stressful that no one really mentions. There’s the investment of time and money to maintain the pool.

A weekly pool service can reduce the amount of time and energy you spend on maintenance so you can focus on having fun.

5. Experts Know More About Pools Than You

You might be an expert in enjoying your swimming pool. How much do you really know about maintaining pools? Do you know what an appropriate pH level should be? What about spotting calcium build up?

You could probably spend time digging around for information on the internet, but will that information be trustworthy? Would you even have time for that?

Pool professionals are trained to have an eye for these things. They know exactly what your pool needs and have the expertise to take care of it right away.

6. Reduce Hazards

If you have a lot of kids in your swimming pool area, this could be an important consideration. Swimming pool chemicals can be a hazard not just for kids, but for you, too.

You should be aware of the hazards and take the appropriate precautions.

Your pool service professionals can advise you on proper storage and handling of pool chemicals. Better yet, they may even reduce the need for you to have them all together.

7. Less Stress

Here’s a potential scenario. It’s the hottest day of the year and you have a houseful of kids. You have to close your pool down because it’s not properly maintained.

That’s a stressful situation that could happen without regular service.

You can avoid that scenario by having someone come by and clean your pool on a regular basis.

8. Maintain the Value of the Pool

The average cost of an inground swimming pool is $21,919. Wouldn’t it make sense to protect your investment?

If your schedule is packed with work during the week, and running errands and kid’s activities during the weekend, you won’t have the time to take care of the pool.

You could go a few weeks without attending to your pool. You’ll have to spend more time catching up on maintenance. It’s not intentional neglect, you just can’t get to it.

The less often you clean your pool, the more likely it is that a major issue will pop up.

A pool cleaning service can easily take care of that for you and you can focus on enjoying your investment.

9. Swimming Pool Safety

There’s a reason why public swimming pools in Florida undergo inspection. Swimming pools can quickly become a safety issue.

When you hire a pool cleaning service, you don’t have to be concerned with using too many pool chemicals, having a green pool, or storing the chemicals in a safe place.

The swimming pool will have the appropriate amount of chemicals, will be balanced, and you can rest assured that the maintenance area is clean.

You’re creating a safe swimming environment that ensures maximum enjoyment. This could protect you from any liability.

10. Save Money

A weekly pool service can save money. You’ll be able to spot problems and handle them before they become major issues.

The pool’s tile and walls are regularly cleaned, which adds value to the pool. It also extends the life of your pool.

Start a Regular Pool Cleaning Service

You’ve made quite an investment in your swimming pool. Regular service can help extend the life of your pool and identify potential issues before they become expensive headaches.

Not only that, but pool maintenance becomes one less thing that you have to add to your already busy schedule.

The most important part of pool maintenance is choosing the right company to work with. Our team of pool experts serves thousands of families throughout the Port Richey to Palm Harbor, East Lake and Points in between.

Contact us and let’s take care of your pool.

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